Link Researcher on Computer Vision

Some researcher focus on Computer Vision and Image Processing presented in the following link:

William T. Freeman Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Computer Vision and Image Processing Research Interests

Kristen Grauman University of Texas at Austin – Computer Vision Group

Onur G. Guleryuz Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY – Image Processing Research Interests

Berkeley University of California – Computer Vision Group

University of Southern California – Computer Vision Laboratory

Carnegie Mellon University – Computer Vision Research Group

The Pennsylvania State University – Laboratory for Perception, Action, and Cognition Department of Computer Science and Engineering

ETH Zurich – Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering – Computer Vision Laboratory

Jena University – Computer Vision Group

Haibin Ling – Center for Data Analytics and Biomedical Informatics – Dept. of Computer & Information Sciences, Temple University

Mengjie Zhang – link


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